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Adulting is hard!

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Killing Season

Our heroes discuss the killing season (eating season) which officially runs from Halloween to Easter, our favorite holiday jams, and our holiday moods.




Troy. I'm an avid music lover with a wife and 2 sons and I love sports (especially basketball). I also consider myself a pretty handy DIY'er. My general philosophy? Work hard. Play hard. Live, and let live.

Willie. Willie is too busy talking to put a bio up here.


Adulting is hard!

Past Episodes

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18 November 2018

We welcome our friend DJ Urban Cowboy who has his own podcast, RIDE! We also discuss what's new with us, the blue wave, recent notable passings, and the relationship between Black Americans and the White House.

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What's Your Excuse?

10 August 2018

Our heroes embark on a health-and-wellness theme today, with a nurse on the crew (disclaimer, she is not giving medical advice, she is merely putting her disgust on the record).

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Listen Up, All Five Of You

15 July 2018

Our heroes discuss justice, politics, sports news, and the importance of getting your own people.

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Hey, Gorgeous

1 July 2018

Our heroes examine the figures caught up in the #metoo era, and also consider the murky areas of sexual consent.

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Double Dutch Republican

10 June 2018

Our heroes witness the beginnings of Willie's inevitable transformation into Michael Steele over comparing presidents, the downfall of celebrities (fair or not), and the Boy Scouts.

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4 March 2018

Our heroes discuss the n word and the best rendition of hello

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One more word...

21 January 2018

Our heroes bicker like the best of 'em, introduce their friend Nino, jiu-jitsu (the real time, not their normal verbal variety), and more racism (photo credit: Flickr/Mark Bonica).

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We Can Drag The Things We Love: The Holiday Episode

16 December 2017

Our heroes welcome a very special guest as they chat about dating sites, discuss bike etiquette, examine social media conspiracies, and muse on their favorite (and least favorite) foods.

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Explain Yourself!

31 October 2017

We anticipate Halloween and an exciting new addition to the Well Job, we mean Troy's, family.