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Willie’s “Silence”

Erica, Jayme, Troy & Willie

Our heroes test whether Willie can live up to his vow of silence, discuss Jim Comey's new gig at Howard, decide to forgo Trump Talk, and mourn the passing of the real heroes we keep losing (photo credit: Flickr/Elvert Barnes Photography).

Show Notes

(photo credit: Flickr/Elvert Barnes Photography)


Willie goes off topic for shout-outs when he was supposed to be recapping the last episode


Jayme tries to keep Willie on schedule; despite Willie’s irritation, it works!


They’re called “mattress pads” Willie, not “mattress condoms”


Fortune magazine article on James Comey’s efforts to make the FBI more diverse; according to the article “83% of special agents, 78% of intelligence analysts, and 69% of professional staff are white. He will be the King Endowed Chair in Public Policy and will donate his salary “to a scholarship fund for students who come from foster homes”.


The polls weren’t all wrong


{article from Troy about non-racist whites talking to racist whites}


It was Michael Bennett who said that “It would take a white player to really get things changed” (but his brother, Martellus, supports the protests).


The “alt” in alt-right was coined by Paul Gottfried who wanted an alternative name for what he called himself: a “paleoconservative.” Where the hell do these people come up with these names?


Of course, by the time we got this up, we are behind the news


Here is a story of a father and son who deployed together in Afghanistan


Opioids are drugs that act on opioid receptors in the central nervous system. According to Wikipedia, this is what opioid receptors look like:


Elaine Chao, Trump’s transportation secretary and Mitch McConnell’s husband said “I stand by my man – both of them.”


Note to Willie’s future wife: if you pull an Elaine Chao, don’t come home that night


Willie catches Erica pass a note to Jayme and uses his spidey senses to read the erased text


Fact Check: Willie talks way more than Jayme


Troy shouts out the intimidable Jim Vance (1942-2017) as he passed


Willie shouts out Dick Gregory (1932-2017) since he passed. He started the “Bahamian Diet”!


Dick Gregory on YouTube explaining why Alpo dog food cans don’t have dogs on them {Need photo from willie}. Here’s a video of the Good Times episode of dog food meatloaf


Jayme got to meet Dick Gregory; Troy is jealous


Dick Gregory reportedly died of heart failure


Erica shouts out powerful, old voices that we still have with us