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We Can Drag The Things We Love: The Holiday Episode

Erica, Jayme & Willie

Our heroes welcome a very special guest as they chat about dating sites, discuss bike etiquette, examine social media conspiracies, and muse on their favorite (and least favorite) foods.

Show Notes


Susan is our guest host today! Disclaimer: this is not medical advice. Spoiler alert: she's horrible.


Match vs. Tinder. What are best practices for creating your profile? If you want to connect with Willie on Tinder, his username is AlwaysOutgunned2018.


How do you feel about the increase in bike riders during your commute? How can we make it more appealing to bike while keeping everyone safe? See: Wheels of Misfortune


Beware the eating season.


Willie's Let Me Just Say This: Is social media manipulating us?


Susan's Let Me Just Say This: Cauliflower is not a potato.


Jayme's Fake Let Me Just Say This: We're enjoying the podcast.


Erica's Let Me Just Say This: Please someone disrupt the errand-running industry for me.


Jayme's Real Let Me Just Say This: Parents are always on duty.