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Stray Cats

Erica, Jayme, Troy & Willie

Our heroes discuss Colin Kaepernick, racism in the NFL, and play TV and film critics. And Willie has a casting call for all the stray cats out there (photo credit: Flickr/Tam Tam).

Show Notes

(photo credit: Flickr/Tam Tam)


In a tweet, Nessa Diab, a radio host and Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend, compared Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to Samuel L. Jackson's character in "Django Unchained." Did it hurt Kaepernick?


Kaepernick in context: Ali, Brown, and other civil rights leaders whose skills made them impossible not to hire.


The hard truth about America: if Kaepernick's protest is going to be successful, more white players will need to take a knee.


There are plenty of NFL players who committed actual crimes, but get to play afterwards.

to name a few.


The thing about solidarity is that if everyone kneels, you have to find a whole new team.


We compare teams huddling in protest and teams huddling in prayers.


Confessions of Recovering Skins Fans - why do so many Washington natives stand passively by about their team's racist name and racist logo?


If you're the Washington Football team with the most racist history of any team in the NFL, you don't have the moral authority left to belligerently defend the mascot.


What must it have been like for Ernie Davis, Bobby Mitchell, John Nisby, and Ron Hatcher to integrate the NFL, particularly the reluctant Washington team?


The Washington Redtails


Troy shouts out his Steelers as an example of a team that gets out in front of many social justice issues. #rooneyrule


STFU James Harrison dot tumblr dot com?


Our favorite TV shows and movies!


Was Cha-Ka, who, incidentally, was played by a white actor who grew up to become a litigation support manager the "black" character on Land of the Lost?


TV truth 1/3: Benny Hill, the Cinemax of the 70's.


TV truth 2/3: As tired parents, some of us enjoy our Judge Judy and Atlanta Housewives. Don't judge.


TV truth 3/3: most of us watched Dukes of Hazzard. The racism was overt and covert.


We declare a winner in Power vs. Empire, but give Empire a big handicap.


To binge or not to binge?


Whyyy are people so compelled to spoil on social media?


Troy gives us some TV watching homework - the best kind of homework: Watching Ozark.


Each hero offers up their favorite movies of all time.


Is Christian Bale the best Batman ever? And who was the worst? Our heros hit this tangent hard. Apparently it is up for debate.


Willie channels his inner New York Times movie critic by prefacing his top five of all time with a monologue about his dating life and theories on Rom Coms vs. Dramas with Romantic Themes. Pulitzer on line one.

Our favorite movies:

Jayme's faves: Best Man, Boys in the Hood, The Notebook, The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Night Rises

Willie's faves: The Bridges of Madison County, Jungle Fever, The Last Mistress, Dangerous Liaisons, 500 Days of Summer, Lost in Translation. Honorable mention to Celeste and Jesse Forever

Troy's faves: Friday, Goodfellas, Inception, Godfather (Scarface is in top 10.)

Erica's faves: Moana, Hidden Figures, A League of Their Own


We say goodbye after Willie announces his plans to replace his co-hosts with a stray cat.